Mia Donnell

About Mia

About Mia


Hi, I’m Mia, Product and UX/UI Designer

I have long been passionate about the process of taking physical art into digital products and changing the world through great design. Part of the reason I joined the UX community was because of the evolving opportunities to engage in creativity in an increasingly technical world.

My approach to UX work involves asking the following questions of each company I become a part of:

  • Do we know who our users are and what they want/need?

  • What are the goals of the company and the goals of our users?

  • How will we achieve these goals?

  • Ultimately, when will we know we’ve achieved these goals?

I find my work brings the most value when a company asks these questions and is constantly reflecting on the next best way to bring a valuable product to market. I enjoy being a part of organizations that not only ask meaningful questions but also use data to back their product assumptions and features.

My career has involved hundreds of projects related to digital products, typography, layout and grid design, wayfinding and building exceptional branding experiences. I especially take satisfaction in being involved in taking user experiences and aesthetics to the next level. I’m known for my collaborative nature, problem-solving aptitude, and desire to see solutions created and put into action. I look forward to using these skills to help build the newest and most exciting products and features.